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Dr Paul P Masci
Southern Clinical School
University of Queensland
Brisbane, Qld. 4072
Email: ppm@soms.uq.edu.au
Tel: +61-7-3240-5326
Fax: +61-7-3240-5399
Homepage: http://www.soms.uq.edu.au

We use a combination of functional assays, animal models and molecular biology to investigate the protease inhibitors and proteases in Australian snake venoms in order to pursue therapeutic agents to meet shortfalls in product needs in Haemostasis. We have identified, cloned and expressed a novel serine protease Inhibitor that we called Textilinin and also a novel protease Isolated from the prothrombin activator from the venom of Australian common brown snake Pseudonaja textilis. These two polypeptides have significant therapeutic application in stemming bleeding in a major surgical procedure and / or trauma. A number of other interesting potential therapeutic agents with serine protease activity have been identified In Australian snake venoms and are in therapeutic product development.
Professor Martin F Lavin, UQ Surgery and QIMR
Professor John de Jersey, UQ, SMMS
Professor Patrick Gaffney, St Thomas, London
Dr Luke Goddard, Biochemistry, UQ
Professor Igor Fillipovich, University of Moscow
Professor Natasha Sorokina, University of Moscow
Dr Simone Flight, SOMS, U of Q
Dr Geoff Birrell, QIMR
Masci PP, Whitaker AN, Sparrow LG, de Jersey J, Winzor DJ, Watters DJ, Lavin MF and Gaffney PJ. TEXTILININS from Pseudonaja textilis textilis. Characterization of two plasmin inhibitors which inhibit bleeding in an animal model. Blood coagulation and Fibrinolysis; 2000; 11: 1-9.

Filippovich I, Sorakina N, Masci PP, de Jersey J, Whitaker AN, Gaffney PJ, Winzor DJ, Lavin MF. Cloning and characterization of a family of Textilinin genes encoding plasmin inhibitors with antihaemorrhagic properties. 2002, Br Journal of Haematology, 119;376-384.

Hung YY, Mellick GD, Masci PP, Whitaker AN, Whitehouse MW, Roberts MS. Focussed antithrombotic therapy: Novel anti-platelet salicylates with reduced ulcerogenic potential and higher first-pass detoxification than aspirin in rats. The Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, 1998; Dec;132(6):469-77.

Willmott N, Gaffney PJ, Masci PP and Whitaker AN. A novel serine protease inhibitor from the venom of the Australian brown snake, Pseudonaja textilis textilis. Fibrinolysis, 1995; 9: 1-8

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