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Dr Terry Walsh
School of Life Sciences
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane, Qld 4000
Email: t.walsh@qut.edu.au
Tel: +61 7 3864 2347
Fax: +61 7 3864 1534

Interests are centred on the role of proteases in the biological activation and regulation, particularly from a structural point of view. Projects include investigation of the activation of prokallikreins, with a view to understanding their potential role in prostate cancer progression. The isolation and characterisation of natural inhibitors of insect proteases is aimed at using these inhibitors as deterrents for crop predators, either in their natural state or in a modified (designed) form, in order to improve yields.
Judith Clements, John Harris (QUT)
Len Pattenden, David Fairlie (IMB)
Kerry Nutt, Peter Allsop (BSES)
Harvey, TJ, Dong, Y, Bui, L, Jarrott, R, Walsh, T and Clements, JA (2003) Production and characterisation of antipeptide kallikrein 4 antibodies: use of computer modelling to design peptides specific to kallikrein 4 Prostate Cancer Methods and Protocols pp241-253 Humana Press, New Jersey.

Reid, RC, Pattenden, LK, Tyndall, JDA, Martin, JL, Walsh, T and Fairlie, DP (2004) Countering cooperative effect in protease inhibitors using constrained beta strand-mimicking templates in focussed combinatorial libraries J Med Chem Accepted.

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