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Dr Wendy A Loughlin
School of Science, Eskitis Institute
Griffith University
Brisbane, QLD
Email: w.loughlin@griffith.edu.au
Tel: +61-7-3875 7567
Fax: +61-07-3875 7656

The most recent direction of our research is towards synthesising therapeutic analogs that have structural and chemical properties that permit them to target protein hot-spots on the surfaces or proteins and thus regulate metabolic processes. Our group has considerable experience in the area of synthetic chemistry with the occasional diversion into the area of biological chemistry. This has included significant synthetic contributions to the literature on efficient stereoselective synthesis of racemic CD intermediates of Vitamin D, the isolation and synthetic potential of episulfones from the Ramberg-Backlünd reaction, the first synthesis of the core template of the natural product Phorbazole, development of synthetic routes to analogs of the insectide Pirate, combinatorial synthesis (piperazine-2,5-diones, thiazolines), and chemoenzymatic processes (chloroperoxidase), the development of novel cyclisation methodology for the formation of bicycloalkanols, and collaboration on the chemistry of the Hendrickson reagent. Currently on academic studies program leave in the laboratories of Prof David Fairlie, I am commencing an interest in the area of proteases. As such I have been writing a review on b-strand mimetics that includes mimetics targetting the inhibition of proteases.
'The Stereochemical Course of Sulphuryl Transfer Catalysed by Aryl Sulphatase II from Aspergillus Oryzae' Christina L.L. Chai, Wendy A. Loughlin and Gordon Lowe. Biochem. J. 1992, 287, 805-812.

'Effect of Organic Solvents on the Activity of Chloroperoxidase Chlorination' Wendy A. Loughlin and David B. Hawkes. Bioresource Technology, 2000, 71, 167-172.

‘Biotransformations in Organic Synthesis’ Invited review. Wendy A. Loughlin. Bioresource Technology, 2000, 74(1), 49-62.

b-strand mimetics Wendy A. Loughlin, Joel D. A. Tyndall, Matthew P. Glenn, David P. Fairlie 2003, In preparation.

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