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Professor Boris Schmidt
Clemens Schapf Institute for Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Darmstadt Technical University, Petersenstr
22 D-64287 Darmstadt, Germany
Email: schmibo@oc.chemie.tu-darmstadt.de
Tel: +49-6151-163075
Fax: +49-6151-163278
Homepage: http://www.chemie.tu-darmstadt.de/Fachgebiete/OC/AKSchmidt/TUD%20Boris%20Schmidt.htm

The group focusses on the medicinal chemistry of aspartic and threonine proteases related to hypertension, oncology and Alzheimer?s disease. Key interest are:
-the identification of of non-peptidic lead structures and development of methodologies for multiparallel synthesis
-novel screening technologies: SAR by spin-labelled NMR probes
-metabolism of drugs and medicinal materials reaction mechanisms: enantioselective reactions, metal-organic reactions
-protein-peptide interactions
-heterocycle synthesis: novel heterocycles, novel, green reactions, novel reaction media: reactions in ionic liquids
-Ab imaging
-copper based diagnostics and copper mediated processes
Christian Haass. LMU Munchen, Germany,
Christian Czech, Roche, Basel, Switzerland
Gerd Multhaup, FU Berlin, Germany
E. Mandelkow, MPI Hamburg, Germany
Poul H. Jensen, Arhus University, Danmark
Bernhard Schieffer; Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Germany
Marcel J.J. Blommers, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel
Jochen Walter, Bonn University, Alzheimer Research
Falk Fahrenholz, Mainz University, Alzheimer Research
Peter Kloetzel, Charite Berlin, Germany
Michael Groll, LMU Munchen, Germany
Bruno Martoglio, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
B. Schmidt, Aspartic Proteases involved in Alzheimer's disease, ChemBioChem 2003, 4 (5), 367-378. http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/cbic.200200532

B. Schmidt, Dennis K. Ehlert, Hannes A. Braun, E-1,2-Dichlorovinyl ethers as irreversible protease inhibitors Tet. Lett. 2004, accepted 15.12.03

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