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Associate Professor Terrence Piva
School of Medical Sciences
RMIT University
Bundoora, Victoria 3104
Email: terry.piva@rmit.edu.au
Tel: +61-3-9925 6503
Fax: +61-3-9925 7063
Homepage: http://www.rmit.edu.au/browse;ID=kn6c15nk6ilu;STATUS=A?QRY=piva&STYPE=ENTIRE

Our laboratory is interested on the effect UV radiation has on modulating cell surface protease activity in skin cells. It is known that following radiation that a number of bioactive molecules are released from skin cells including cytokines and growth factors. To date we have shown that the effect of UV radiation on the activity of matrix metalloproteases, TACE, matrilysin, aminopeptidase activity in human skin depends on the wavelength used and differs from once cell type to another. The protein convertase, furin, is of interest as it is plays a key role in the maturation and activation of metalloproteases such as MMP and TACE. We are currently investigating the effect UV radiation has on this process. We have also shown that as cells undergo apoptosis that the level of cell surface metalloprotease activity is elevated compared to that seen in viable or necrotic cells. Other research is directed to investigating the effect UV irradiation (A and/or B) has on the activity of metalloproteases in skin-derived cell lines and of the corresponding bioactive molecules shed from these cells. These studies should help further our understanding on the origin of bioactive molecules responsible for the immunosuppression seen in the skin following exposure to UV light. It may lead to the development of inhibitors that may be added to sunscreens, which will prevent the release of these molecules, which in turn may have the potential to reduce the incidence of skin cancer.
Associate Professor Paul Wright, RMIT University, Australia
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