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Associate Professor Bostjan Kobe
School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, and Institute for Molecular Bioscience (Division of Chemistry and Structural Biology)
University of Queensland
Brisbane, Qld 4072
Email: b.kobe@uq.edu.au
Tel: +61-7-3365-2132
Fax: +61-7-3365-4699
Homepage: http://www.smms.uq.edu.au/bmb

We are interested in structure, function and regulation of proteins and macromolecular assemblies, focusing on structural approaches and the use of structural information. Research on proteases constitutes a small part of our research. For example, we have determined the crystal structure of latexin, a carboxypeptidase inhibitor, and characterized its binding to caroboxypeptidase using a hybrid approach employing chemical crosslinking, mass spectrometry and molecular modeling. We also analyzed the interaction of the thrombin with the leucine-rich repeat domain of glycoprotein Ibalpha.
Many proteases are autoregulated via autoinhibition through pre-pro-sequences. This type of control falls into the broader mechanism termed intrasteric or active site-directed regulation. We have characterized the related regulatory mechanisms in a number of systems including protein kinases, metabolic enzymes and transport factors.
Professor Jenny Martin, University of Queensland, Australia
Professor David Fairlie, University of Queensland, Australia
Kobe, B. and Kemp, B.E. (1999). Active-site directed protein regulation. Nature 402, 373-376

Aagaard A, Listwan P, Cowieson N, Huber T, Ravasi T, Wells C, Flanagan JU, Kellie S, Hume DA, Kobe B and Martin JL (2005) An inflammatory role for the mammalian carboxypeptidase inhibitor latexin: relationship to cystatins and the tumour suppressor TIG1.
Structure 13: 309-317

Mouradov D, Craven A, Forwood JK, Flanagan JU, Garcia-Castellanos R, Gomis-Ruth FX, Hume DA, Martin JL, Kobe B and Huber T (2006) Modelling the structure of latexin-carboxypeptidase A complex based on chemical cross-linking and molecular docking. Protein Eng Des Sel 19: 9-16

Kobe B, Guncar G, Buchholz R, Huber T and Maco B (2009) The many faces of platelet glycoprotein Ibalpha - thrombin interaction. Curr Prot Pept Sci, in press

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